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About Us

the heart of pure citizen is love.  for fashion. for beauty.  for design.  for you.  for animals.  for humanity.


pure citizen is filled with a carefully curated selection of the most loved fashion, beauty and decor that come from brands making a positive social impact in the world.


we want to make it as easy as possible for you to shop according to your passions and your values, so on every product you will see icons that show how that product is conscious.  


we exist to transform the world thru love - building community and connection.


My Story


i grew up with an activist heart, trying and fighting to change the world. i had this aha moment one day and realized that this just wasn't working.  how did i expect to change the world when i hadn't yet become the change i wanted to see in the world?  this set me on a path of transformation to become the change.  the most important thing I learned was that love changes everything. 


then thru my travels i saw the effects our purchases had on the world around us in a very real way.  the horrible pollution, the slave like working conditions, the inhumane treatment of animals...i realized that many of our everyday purchases were supporting the very things that I and so many others were trying to change and it made me sick.  how could i make sure my lifestyle wasn't a part of the problem?


the solution -  buying less and buying products that were created with love. love for people. love for animals. love for mother earth. i started seeking companies who were committed to positive social change at the heart of who they were. i visited many around the world and saw the incredible difference these companies were making.  the search wasn't easy, so i started building a site to feature all the amazing brands i had found.  i wanted to make it easy for everyone to find products that were created with love.


can you imagine the change in the world if we all purchased from companies who are committed to love?


what started as a girl with a dream has become an amazing collaboration of our wonderful customers and brands.  my desire is to build the site of our dreams so that everyone can shop consciously.   pure citizen is what it is today because of you and i thank you so much.  i love connecting, hearing your ideas and passion - without you none of this is possible.  


please email me anytime at


with love, 



amy ludwigson